Overall Objectives

The aims of PREVAIL are to identify, test and promote innovative approaches, techniques, and tools to streamline prevention measures to preparedness and response capacity actions, and to integrate large fire risk management into forest, rural and peri-urban planning. In addition, it aims at an improved integration between relevant actors and policies, throughout the disaster management cycle (prevention-preparedness-response) with a broad social participation. In detail the main objectives of the project are:


To review past and current prevention, preparedness and suppression measures to counteract large fires, and provide an economic evaluation of current wildfire management efficacy, based on costs of large fires suppression

To identify the contribution of landscape patterns, and forest fuel determinants on large fire development and control, under different fuel management scenarios.

To assess best strategies to integrate prevention and preparedness to large-fire events, by sharing and spreading “smart” solutions, implemented locally in partners’ countries, by trans-national training

To develop a tool (Decision Support System) to plan and optimize smart solutions at the water catchment scale.

To raise awareness of citizens, land managers and fire operators and improve cooperation and sharing of good practices.